Keeping your pool clean is essential both for health and enjoyment. No one enjoys a dirty pool and health implications make it an absolute necessity to maintain your pool properly, and more importantly, keep the water clean at all times. An effective pool chlorinator takes the pressure off you and ensures that your pool is kept clean at all times.

At PK Pool and Spa Care, we are committed to help you enjoy your pool more and to assist you in keeping it clean and hygienic in the simplest, most efficient way possible. We sell an extensive range of chlorinators for all pools, in all price ranges.  Contact your local experts, and we’ll ensure that you get the correct chlorinator for your pool type.

Our pool chlorinators will ensure your pool water stays in immaculate condition, making sure it’s safe for you and your family. Whether you have a salt chlorinator or an automatic dosing system these machines allow you to control the correct amount chemicals into your pool. This ensures that you don’t over or under feed your pool with chemicals, leaving you with a sparkling blue pool that is safe and enjoyable to swim in. It will also look great

We offer a wide range of chlorinators including many salt chlorinators which use less chemicals and are easy to maintain and operate.

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