PK Pool and Spa Care can turn your pool from a dark green or black colour to sparkling blue in days! Often algae treatments can take multiple visits until the algae has been killed and removed from the pool. At the completion of the treatment the pool water chemistry must be rebalanced and the equipment must be checked to ensure everything is operating correctly so that a re-infestation does not reoccur.

Green algae growth may even occur in the most well looked after pools and this can be due to many different factors including but not limited to;

• Equipment failure e.g. chlorinator is not producing chlorine or dosing correctly
• Pool water chemistry is not correctly balanced
• Phosphate levels may be high which provides nutrients for algae to grow
• Filter media or filter elements may have become infested with algae spores
• Poor circulation of water

Another very common type of algae throughout the Rockingham area is Mustard Algae. Mustard algae are often confused with what may look like excessive amounts of sand or dust on the pool floor. People will often attempt to vacuum up what appears to be sand and a few hours later it re-appears. People may also find that if they brush the fine sand particles that the pool will appear to be very cloudy. Mustard algae is an airborne spore and therefore is very difficult to prevent it from coming into your back yard. We often find pools that are contaminated with mustard algae are in areas that are very windy. Mustard algae treatments are lengthy and often multiple treatments will be required to ensure the algae does not re-infest.




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