Pool Accessories

Pool supplies that take your pool from good to great

Pool accessories can be the difference between good and great pool experiences. They assist in managing one of the most important challenges of owning a pool – maintaining its sparkle, clarity and cleanliness. This is not to be taken for granted. Whereas most accessories in life are regarded as inessential, pool accessories play a pivotal role in the pool management and entertainment. Talk to us for a broad range of pool supplies that can make all the difference.

PK Pool and Spa Care is a leading provider of direct pool supplies for the Peel region in Western Australia. Led by a father and daughter team, we have accumulated a wealth of experience that extends beyond 50 years. This knowledge allows us to guide and advise you on not only the best product choices but best practice in pool maintenance as well.

We ensure that we stock quality, long-wearing accessories that keep your pool clean, clear and fun all year round.

Why choose us

As a family-owned business, we pride ourselves on the personal service that we offer and the good relationships we keep with our clients. Simply tell us what your requirements are and we will recommend the most cost-effective and appropriate pool supplies for your pool or spa.

When you choose PK Pool and Spa Care, you can expect the very best:

  • Personalised and dedicated customer service
  • A wealth of experience in the supply of premium pool supplies
  • A diverse range of accessories and equipment that can be tailored to your specific needs

The benefits of the right pool accessories

Our stock of pool accessories is not just limited to standard cleaning equipment. We also ensure that we have a steady supply of pool toys, spa parts and pool covers readily available for your perusal. Each of these offers a series of benefits that you, your friends and family will love and appreciate including:

  • Pool accessories such as floating furnishings are an entertaining way to loosen up
  • An additional dimension to the entertainment on offer for the children and guests
  • Swim toys can be useful for parties and fun as well as training
  • They can provide assistance for those who may not be strong swimmers
  • They help with pool maintenance and keeping the consistent clarity and cleanliness of your pool

We look forward to the opportunity of taking your pool and spa to the next level with our wide range of premium pool supplies.

Call us today on 9524 5827 to find out more about our exciting range of pool accessories.