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The APV fibreglass media filter has been designed to provide high performance filtration for residential and small commercial pools and spas. AstralPool APV filters produce crystal clear water using fine sand or glass as the filter medium. With a large capacity and higher flow rates, this enables the pool water to be filtered more effectively in a shorter period of time, saving on operating costs. Faster backwashing, less water used than most filters.

Every part of the filter has been designed to match high performance pumps and enhance the pump performance, allowing faster filtration using less energy. The filter tank is made of an inner fibreglass bladder which is then continuously wound with fibreglass strands to create a high strength vessel. This process is recognised as one of the strongest methods of manufacturing a non corrosive high strength filter tank.

This product is only available in store at 3/1 Fielden Way Port Kennedy WA 6172.

Product Details

Available in two different sizes
APV650 – 25″
APV700 – 28″


  • Large capacity and higher flow rates
  • Quality components
  • Easy cleaning
  • Fibreglass tank
  • Multi port valve MPV
  • 10 year tank warranty
  • 12 month warranty on MPV


Weight 20 kg


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